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the fairies

A new project- a monthly series of flower fairy paper dolls, to play with on the net, and to print out and play with offline. If you decide to print them out- please remember to print them out on a heavy weight paper, or glue the paper to thin cardboard, otherwise they will be too flimsy. I may be publishing these after they are all done, but that won't be until next February. Many of these will be hanging instead of the typical standing paper dolls, after all, they do have wings.

I also have some other paper dolls for your enjoyment.

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Foxglove is my first offering, and I thought I'd start off with a bang, not only do you get two different colored versions, you can also download and color each yourself. After all, foxgloves can be purple, pink, or white. I have mostly white to purple in my garden.

Foxglove is a fairy flower, known as Fairy Gloves, Fairy Thimbles, Fairy Bell, Fairy's Cap, Fairy's Petticoats. She is sacred to Venus and is used as a heart medication, digitalis, as such she is perfect for Valentine's Day.

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Aconite, also known as Wolfsbane, is a bit harder edged than Foxglove. She likes loud music and pointy weapons.

Aconite is one of the four classic poisons.

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Deadly Nightshade
AprilDeadly Nightshade

Nightshade enjoys dressing up and doing things with her hair. She puts curses on people when she dislikes them, and occasionally slips things in their drinks.

Deadly Nightshade is one of the four classic poisons.

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Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding has an Ophelia complex, and is a tad obsessed with vampires.

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Poppy is whence opium, morphine, codeine, and heroin come. She likes playing with electronics.

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Hemlock can be very harsh. It is best to stay on Hemlock's good side.

Hemlock is one of the four classic poisons.

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Asphodel can be found in the abandoned places, tattered around the edges and full of rememberances.

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Clove always smells delicious, and is often wreathed in artfully curling smoke. She likes hats and shoes.

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Wormwood can often be found amusing herself around artists and writers. Occasionally she drives them mad for sport.

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Autumn Mandrake is also known as Womandrake, but she goes by Mandrake anyway. Mandrake likes big hair, pointy boots, and leather. She carries a doll with her everywhere.

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Hellebore has a wicked tongue, and is not afraid to use it.

Hellebore is one of the four classic poisons.

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The font for June is called Electroharmonix and I have no idea who made it. Both the fonts for July are freeware as far as I know. The others were created by me, and will be released on my site as soon as I finish all the special characters and punctuation.