Mandrake (Mandragora Autumnalis):
translation: hurtful to cattle; autumn blooming.
synonyms: Womandrake, Mandragora, Satan's Apple, Love Apple, Circe's Plant, Dudaim, Ladykins, Mannikin, Racoon, Berry, Bryony Roots.
definition: horror; honor; rarity.
Mandrake grows under the gallows of unrepentant murderers, springing up from the criminal's last semence. It must be uprooted in a particular manner, as the piercing groans of agony are so horrible that whoever hears it will die, or go deaf and insane. In the moonlight, the harvester must put wax in the ears, draw three circles around the plant with a sword or willow wand, and use a dog to actually uproot it. The dog, preferably white, should be starved for several days, and then tied with a black thread to the root, which should have a trench cut around it. A piece of meat is thrown for the dog to make it leap and pull out the root. The dog is rumoured to die after the harvest, from the cry of the root. The root can be used to heal, induce love, facilitate pregnancy, provide soothing sleep, flying ointments, or for the malevolent purpose as the main-de-gloire. The root should be washed in wine, and wrapped in silk and velvet, and fed sacramental wafers stolen from a church during communion. They can be cut into fancy shapes and forced grown in moulds, often with the addition of grains of millet inserted into the face for eyes. These mandrake dolls are known as puppettes or mammettes. Demons cannot bear the smell or presence of mandrake, so mandrake can be utilized to expell demons from sick persons. A whole mandrake root placed in the home will give the house protection, fertility, and prosperity. Money placed beside it will multiply. Mandrake was much used by the Ancients, who considered it an anodyne and sopoific. In large doses, it is said to excite delirium and madness.

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