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all the fairies

The fairy for December, Hellebore is done and awaiting your perusal.

November's fairy, Mandrake, is now up and ready for your enjoyment. Mandrake has the dubious distinction of being the only alcohol I've not been able to drink because it made me want to throw up (mind you, my drinks of choice are chartreuse, and whatever has the highest alcohol content)- which might be because of the honey in it, it was sickeningly sweet. Also, like Absinthe, its supposed to give you an altered drunk- it was an inconsequential amount I consumed, but I would believe it was still slightly different.

Gah, its been far too long. But checking through my stats, I found an article on paper dolls, in which I get a link on the sidebar. Pretty damn cool really. Its a kinda neat read too, about visual journals and all that.

New design, as you might have noticed. Added sections and such. Please bear with me if there are any broken bits here and there. Clove is up for September. I'm going to try to stay on schedule for the remaining, but I may or may not make it (if you've been watching the fairies for any time, you should already know that). The new design also gives you an idea of how long the series will go on, as well. I'm also porting the "play" versions yet again- its will be much more efficient and more compact file size, but I'm sacrificing the pencil look.