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all the fairies

Play Online

More of my paper dolls

Dress up A.V. Phibes

Antimony and Lace has a few dress up dolls. Its also a great site for DIY goth fashion.

Dress up Jesus fulfills all your blesphemy needs, by NormalBobSmith (and if you need more, NormalBobSmith.com has some more clothing, and a paper doll of himself too).

Dead Milkmen has a punk rock girl paper doll.

More Dolls

JJ Buch finally has her own page- definately recommended. JJ will also custom make a paper doll of you.

Charlotte Sometimes also has some of JJ Buch's gorgeous paper dolls.

Dame Darcy provides you with paper doll fun.

Selina Fenech has a few paper dolls for you.

Paper Dolls by David Claudon has a cute Morpheus paper doll, along with some other interesting things (including a cat paper doll!).

Paperdolls.com has some truly lovely celeb paper dolls.

Mary Lacro Mauritz has some very nice paper dolls as well.


The Big Kiss Page is the place to go. Even though its subscription now, its a good starting point with links galore. You can still see preview images without a subscription, and it provides links to artist's pages whenever possible, so it makes it easier to find things (it is also by far the largest KiSS library on the net).

IKL has the most comprehensive list of KiSS pages anywhere. If it exists, its probably here.

My KiSS page has most of my dolls on it. It also has links to more KiSS pages you might find of interest.

Other Stuff of Mine

Flowers for the Dead is host to all this. It also has other ventures.

Tasha's Lair is an older page, but still gets updates from time to time. It hosts When Gothic Eyes are Moping, which has become quite popular, and a fair amount of my drawn artwork.

Delirium's Page has a hidden doll, and some other things as well.